We at Livia believe in the innate worth of every single human being as a unique person.

We believe that the key to a good life lies in discovering our potential as a unique person, and through that, developing a health sense of self-worth.

And we believe that society is strongest when the people within it are able to harness their true potential to the benefit of themselves, their families, their friends and their communities.

Our mission at Livia is to help young women embrace their womanhood and realise their potential. We do this by encouraging them to:

  • engage with the wider world around them: its culture, its history and its people.
  • think for themselves, to develop their own opinions, and to critically assess new ideas and concepts.
  • be the best them they can be, by trying out new activities and finding out what it is that they are gifted at.

Broadly centre-right in our political positioning, our voice is generally informative, but also witty, light, interesting, lively. We embrace and promote Livia values of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, curiosity, civic-mindedness and, of course, femininity.

Crucially, we feel that in these divisive times a commitment to emphasising the ties that bind us is essential. At Livia we are determined to maintain a positive outlook in our editorial output.


Photo: @caleb_woods / Unsplash